Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Makes or Breaks a Blog

Topic: What makes you want to read a blog and what doesn't
I want to say that this topic really only pertains to book blogs, but honestly it doesn't. It can be any type of blog, to be fair. I'll just base this discussion post off book blogs since those are the main types of blogs that I read, because, you know, I'm a book blogger and all.
The first thing that really bugs be about book blogs is their design. If it isn't readable and if it doesn't load quickly (it'll load slowly if you have a lot of sidebar objects), then I probably won't enjoy your blog as much as I'd like to.
Readability is a big one for me. The font should be readable. I've come across a few blogs with cursive as the font for the body of their posts, and, I'm sorry, but I just can't stand to read that. I can read cursive just fine, but sometimes it's too much for my brain to handle. I like to be able to visit the post directly from the blog rather than on Feedly or an RSS reader, therefore I like readable fonts.
My internet already sucks, therefore a fast loading blog is my best friend. If you've got a million memes with a million gifs and pictures (I have a bunch of gifs in this one post, and I regret it greatly), my internet may not load it as fast as I'd like it to. This one isn't really a big deal since I understand that maybe I should get better internet, and it won't make me not read your blog, but it'll make me not read your blog on the days when my internet is exceptionally slow.
Lastly, design. I love pretty blogs. For example, The Story SirenRead by the Undead, and Utterly Bookish are tree blogs that I follow that have the most beautiful blog designs I've seen. I don't know if they code them themselves or if they buy their themes, but they're absolutely gorgeous.
I've coded the majority of my blog, mostly the styling. The HTML is just whatever came with the basic layout for Blogger blogs, but other than the HTML, most of it's my own coding. (Basically, this is me accepting the fact that I'm pretty crappy at coding. I'm getting better!) And most of the graphics on this blog are made by me. Since I've coded a lot of my blog, I have respect for all those blogs that code themselves. It's difficult!
There are things that make or break a book blog for me! Readability, load-ability, and design! (Yes, I made up a word there.)

What about you? What are aspects that make or break a book blog for you? Let me know in the comments!

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