Book Suggestions

Have a book that you would like to suggest us to read? Submit a book review request in the form below! But be sure to read our review policy page before suggestings to find what genres we read. It would be great if you could suggest us books that we already own so that we can have easy access to said book. If you'd like to suggest us a book that we don't own, that is fine, but do remember that the review may come out slower due to the fact that we would have to buy the book or borrow it from the library on our own time. Yes, you can suggest that we read a particular ARC if we already have said ARC.

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If you have a book to suggest to us, shoot us an email at! Just be sure to tell us who the recommendation is for if not both of us.

Or you can send us a good ole recommendation to our Goodreads accounts!

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