Although all the pictures on this blog have been constructed, html coded, and edited by me, most of the original pictures, fonts, brushes, and textures aren't mine. There are some pictures that are not going to appear on this page, but if you've seen any pictures, fonts, brushes, or textures that are yours and you aren't being linked back to on this page, let me know, and I'll add you! (:

Note: I change the pictures on here a lot, and it's difficult to keep up with all the things that I delete and add, so from here on out (August 31, 2013) I'm just going to link back to everything that I've downloaded. So that way if I use your picture, font, brush, or texture, it's still on here even if it's not currently being used in any of the pictures or edits on my blog!

I'm pretty sure that all my fonts are free for me to use though since I'm not getting paid to make my graphics...


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