My name is Lindsay, though I wish I had any other name. I act like a child when the lights go down. I've been vegetarian for over four years and had snakebites for around the same time. I love long talks with animals and short walks to the beach. My best friend is Tori and I love her to death <3 my current life is a roller coaster so posts are quite random. I do not attend school, own a hamster named Petra and live in a beach town.


My name is Tori, but my full name is Victoria. When I'm tired, I'm the most hyper person ever. I've loved meat ever since my parents adopted me from China, and I've had my ears pierced since I was 1 year old. I have a bunch of animals, but they're my mom's. My best friend is Lindsay and I love her death <3 my current life is boring so posts will come quite frequently. I attend school, own a bunny named Charm, and I live in a medium-sized city. 

Lindsay and Tori are just two best friends that met online through a writing website called Wattpad. They both write and post stories on there. Tori first discovered Lindsay when she was posting one of her first stories. She then proceeded to instant message Lindsay sounding like an over-eccentric twelve year old, because that was what she was. (Lindsay says that Tori sounded cool, but Tori disagrees.) It was a fast friendship from there.

The two have been friends since the beginning of 2012, and love each other to death. They mail each other cute things despite the different locations. Tori thinks that it's cool that Lindsay lives in Canada (although she disagrees with the outrageous prices), and Lindsay adores the fact that Tori lives in the USA (because she loves the fact that everything is cheaper in the US).

They hope that you, the readers, will enjoy their blog posts and reviews! They also squeal in delight when they get comments. Just saying.

(Yes, that was Tori's pathetic attempt at writing in third person. Just FYI, all of her stories are in first person. Can you guess why?)

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