Friday, March 28, 2014

Temporary (Sort Of) Blog Hiatus

Hey, guys!

I just wanted to write this post to let you guys know that I'm going on a temporary (sort of) blog hiatus! I'll explain:

  • School has really gotten in the way. I have so much due. My work has sort of blindsided me. Essays and tests everywhere; it's so much! 
  • ARCs have been overwhelming. I blame myself for requesting more than I can handle, and I take full blame. More on this here
  • I've lost my drive. Somewhere along the way, blogging has become a job. I have a blog posting schedule, and it's taken over my life. I've been way too committed to the dates I put on that calendar, and it's driving me crazy. I just need to take a deep breath as well as some time away from the blog. 

I say this is a "sort of" blog hiatus, because I'll still be posting reviews. I guess that means this really isn't a hiatus. I don't want to loose time where I could be posting reviews since I have so many of them, so I'll still post those every now and then. Also, I have a few prewritten posts and discussions that I'll format and post along the way. 

Really, I guess you can just say that this is a break rather than a hiatus. I'm going to step back and just blog when I feel like it or when I have the extra time. So you will see posts coming out here and there from now and June, but not many.

As for ARCs, I apologize. I have so many to read, because I bit off more than I could chew, and I'm so overwhelmed. I feel terrible for admitting that I'm going to be reading and reviewing ARCs after their release date, but there's nothing that I can do about that. No matter how much I value publishers' opinions of me as well as reading, school comes first. Volleyball comes first. Piano comes first. These affect me directly at this moment, and I'm thinking of the now. So, again, I apologize.

I hope you guys understand what I'm talking about. I think this really comes all down to time (which I have none of) and stress (which I have way to much of). 

I'll probably still post weekly wrap-ups; they'll just be less full. 

Honestly, by the end of this post, I can't really call it a blog hiatus anymore. I can just say that I'm cutting back and stressing less. I used to spend hours and hours on this blog each week. I realize that blogging is like a job, but I'm young right now and school is still going on. Realistically, school is my job. 

Wrapping this up, I just wanted to make this post to let you guys know what's going to be happening! I hope you don't think I'm slacking and lazy. I'm just burnt out and need a breather. I want to be able to post whenever I want regardless of the schedule.

Oh, this also means I won't be posting links to Facebook as well as Google+, so if you're a follower there and still want to read the posts we'll be making, follow us on Bloglovin! That updates automatically.  

Thank you so much for understanding!

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