Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top Ten Popular Authors Tori Has Never Read

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There are honestly so many popular authors that I haven't read yet. It's sort of embarrassing. Let's just get into the post before I die.
Jennifer Echols. She has so many young adult books, but I just haven't read any of them. I don't know. I'm apart of the Biggest Flirts blog tour, so clearly I'm going to read her book by the end of this month, but you know. Hasn't happened yet.
Kiera Cass. She's two very popular books in the young adult genre, and I still haven't read them. I swear I will.
Aimee Carter. Two series. Still haven't read one. Pawn sounds really interesting though so that will happen eventually!
Gayle Forman. Let's just agree that this needs to happen sooner than later. She has successful YA books, and yet I haven't read them. What's wrong with me?
Victoria Schwab. She's not really popular, but Jesse from Jesse the Reader and Regan from Peruse Project (BookTubers) really love her, and I still haven't read from Schwab...
Kaisie West. I own Pivot Point, but I still haven't read it. 'Nuff said.
Okay, so maybe there aren't that many books from popular authors that I haven't read? Then again, I used to read only well-known books...
Oh, I've never read Shakespeare! Alexa at Hell is Cold thinks this is some sort of crime.

What are some popular authors you've never read? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Great list Tori! I haven't read a lot of these authors also! Though I have read Shakespeare, Kasie West and Aimee Carter. Here's the link to my TTT: http://the-bookbee.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/top-ten-tuesday-3.html

  2. I've only read one novel by Jennifer Echols and really enjoyed it, so I should really read more from her! Victoria Schwab and Kasie West are both also very talented authors and I love their YA books (since I haven't read Victoria's adult book yet). Gayle Forman's Where She Went was fantastic. Kiera Cass... I like her writing style, but other than that, I'm not a fan of her books. I DNFed an Aimee Carter book before but might give it another shot next time...

    Thanks for sharing, Tori! :D

    Aimee @ Read by the Undead

    1. Yeah, I can't wait for Biggest Flirts. It looks so adorable. <3 And I've purchased The Archived, so clearly I need to hop on that bandwagon. (If I enjoy it, Vicious will definitely be next.) My co-blogger Lindsay read If I Stay and liked it, so I'm probably going to read that this year if I get the chance. I just love the pretty dresses on The Selection's book cover. xD I have Pawn by Aimee Carter. I'm too afraid to touch The Goddess Test even though I own that too. D:

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I haven't actually read Jennifer Echols, Gayle Forman (though I do have one of her books), or Victoria Schwab, either.

    I really enjoyed The Selection books--they are a lot of fun. And the covers are AMAZING which help too, lol. Pawn was good. I didn't particularly enjoy The Goddess Test (never finished reading it though I've been meaning to give it another try) so it was an improvement on that. (:

    1. Ah, okay! I'll definitely have to check out The Selection since so many people like it!

      Thanks for the comment :D


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