Sunday, March 9, 2014

Am I Reading Too Much?

 Today's topic will be whether or not I'm reading too much!
Honestly, I never thought reading too much would be an issue. That was until I realized that my blog posting schedule is pretty much booked for the rest of March.
I only want to post reviews on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but with all the ARC releases this month, I'm packed full. Since I read a lot more than Lindsay does, I usually have more reviews than Lindsay. I give her one day every week for reviews, and she writes them. That only leaves me two reviews per week, and with all these ARC releases on top of the books that I've finished reading and have reviewed, I seriously have no idea when to post my reviews.
I've resorted to posting reviews on Saturday as well, since that's the one day that I get to decide what I want to post since Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays are memes/discussion posts.
I hate reading a book and reviewing it but not being able to post the review that I wrote until a month after I've read and reviewed it. It seems like a waste. I want people to know what I thought of the book immediately after I finish the book. But if that was how I posted, then I'd have 5-6 reviews each week, and I don't want to spam you readers with reviews.
Despite the fact that this is a book blog, I realize that not everyone wants to read book reviews all day every day. (I know I don't.) That's why I created a strict schedule for each day, which I'm clearly having trouble following.

So what do you think? Do I read too much? Does it matter when my review goes up? Are four reviews a week too much? Let me know! 


  1. I don't think you could ever read too much! Just work on scheduling your posts, but never limit your reading! :D You can let your readers know what you think immediately after reading a book through tweets or even mini reviews. You don't necessarily have to write a long review for it all the time :D But then again it's always up to you! :D

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas

    1. I already schedule like a crazy woman! Hahaha. And I usually write a few sentences about a book on Goodreads before posting the actual review :D I just don't understand how some blogs can read a crazy amount and still manage to post reviews in a timely manner without spamming their readers with reviews. xD

  2. You do. You definitely do. xD I've been in such a reading slump and it suucks. I need some good High Fantasy to get me out of it. D: Well, I don't think reading too much is a bad thing, but I do understand where you're coming from — you know I've never understood your schedule thingy. :D I mean, yeah, it makes sense and stuff, but I could never do it for exactly that reason: I couldn't stand it if my review goes up a month after I've actually read the book. Maybe you could put up your reviews on Goodreads as soon as you've finished a book, and then have it on your blog on schedule? Idk, man. A very peculiar problem. xD

    1. Ahaha, it's on my phone. xD I have a real planner in my room, but right now I prefer my phone. xD And I only schedule because I have ARCs that need to go up on specific days, and I'm apart of a few blog tours right now. I just like to be prepared. xD I'd rather not come on my laptop every morning to write a post. I'd rather be assured that I know that something is already going up.

      And yes. A very peculiar problem indeed.

  3. I don't think you could ever read too much. I don't mind reading 4 reviews in a week, but maybe other people do. I think it's awesome that you have so much time to read! :) I wish I could do the same. It doesn't matter when your review is going up....but if it bothers you, you could post it to Amazon or goodreads first, then post it on your blog.

    1. Usually, I'll write a few things about a book and summarize my immediate thoughts on Goodreads after finishing a book :D And posting on GR first is a great idea!

      Thanks for the comment <3

  4. I don't think you read too much, but I know what you mean about having more on your plate than your schedule allows! I recently got stuck in a pretty bad reading slump due to reading so many digital copies and ARC reviews...I really just didn't want to read anymore. I decided that I'm not going to read any ebooks or ARC's for a while, while I sort things out on my blog. I can't tell you how much better I feel! I know that this means my ARC reviews will be posted late, but I wasn't having any fun blogging or reading, so I did what I had to do, and I honestly feel better and less stressed for it.
    I usually write my review as soon as I've finished the book, or as soon as possible after reading. I don't mind when my reviews go up as I always post a summary of my thoughts on the book on goodreads when I mark the book as read.

    I'm not really sure if this is helping, but anyway...maybe it would be a good idea to take a step back from blogging and reading (figuratively) and decide what you want to get out of both activities. That may help you solve your dilemma...I know it helped me. :)

    Anyway, good luck Tori! I hope your dilemma is solved soon. :)

    1. Yeah, I think I'm really going to cool it with the ARC requests. Maybe only 3-4 a month. Between buying books and receiving books from publishers, I've gotten way too many books on my TBR. I just recently made a TBR jar, and it's a very large jar! It's full, and that's crazy!

      I really need to focus getting the books on my shelves read before I start buying new books and requesting new books. I think once my schedule for ARCs that I need to read cools down, then I'll be able to read at a normal pace of 2 books a week. :l Right now, I'm really pressuring myself to read these ARCs, and I'm practically forcing myself to loose sleep in order to get the ARC read. It's a problem.

      I really appreciate your thoughtful comment! I usually leave a summary of my thoughts (one or two sentences) on Goodreads immediately after reading the book. I usually won't give the book a star rating until I've written the review and analyzed the story, though.

      I think I just need to stress less! :D


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