Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top Ten Books That Made Tori Swoon

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Top Ten Books That Made Tori Swoon!
This week's Top Ten shall be interesting. There are so many books that I've swooned in, and I just have to choose the ones that seem the most interesting.

by Rainbow Rowell
I fangirled (see what I did there?) over Levi so much. He was absolutely a sweetheart, and I loved him so much. He obviously cared about Cath in the book, and the fact that Rowell slowly progressed their relationship made it all the better.
The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead
I honestly love Adrian so much in this book, especially Adrian WITH Sydney. They are honestly my OTP of the book world right now (other than Juliette and Warner. They will be in a later swoon book).
Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi
Oh my gosh, you guys. If you haven't read this book, then...go read it now. Including Shatter Me. Sure, Shatter Me may be a bit of a struggle if you aren't liking it, but chapter 62 in Unravel Me is so worth. Sososososo worth it.
Flat-Out Love by Jessica Park
I don't really know why this book made me swoon, but the ending was honesntly perfect. I just loved it so much. I think Park concluded the book with a really good ending that makes people want to stay for more...but oops, the book is over!
Champion by Marie Lu
If you've read the Legend series, then you would know that every book makes one swoon. I think there's just something special about Champion that makes it even more swoon-worthy than the other two. I mean, that ending, right?
Angelfall by Susan Ee
In Lindsay's review of Angelfall, she basically summed up all my thoughts for that book. Angelfall was just amazing, and I swear that I'm shipping Rafryn for the rest of my life.
Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
I don't know why, but I usually end up loving the enemy (if he's hot), so typically I eneded up voting for The Darkling. But strangely, Mal still holds a place in my heart. This book trilogy just gives me a bad case of the feels.
The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa
If you're read my unintelligeble review of The Eternity Cure, then you'd know that this book destroyed me. It freaking destroyed me.
Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer
Ren... This book... I just can't... I mean... Ren. Come on. I just love this book series so much. It's hilarious because the writing isn't that great, but the plot is just so good that I can't help but love the book.
Cress by Marissa Meyer
I honestly can't contain my feels when it comes to this book. Wolf was cute. And I still love Kai, I have to admit, but Thone really started to grow on me during this book. Like, really, really started to grow on me.
What are some books that made you swoon? What books gave you a bad case of the feels?


  1. But but but ... what about FOUR?! Otherwise, I agree with you. So much. Just .. everyone on this list.

    1. I switched Scarlet to Cress ;) I wrote this post before I read it. <3

      And lol I don't think I can love Four the same after Allegiant. Sorry. xD

  2. Let me just say how much I love SYDRIAN as well. They're like my OTP of all OTPs and I don't wanna sound biased or anything. I love the books in your list <3 I was also destroyed after reading The Eternity Cure. It hurts and now I can't wait for The Forever Song. Great list! <33

    My TTT @ Of Coffee and Books

    1. Syndrian! Woo <3 I got a little sick of them after TFH, but overall, they're still one of my favorite OTPs. <3

      And oh my gawd, The Forever Song. I just can't wait. I swear the title is just genius, because in TEC the crazy guy always talked about Allie's song being a sweet requiem, and I just—
      It's so fitting! c:

  3. We seem to have many of the same tastes. I will have to read the series that you mentioned that I haven't hit yet. Thanks for visiting my TTT.

    1. Which series? I mentioned basically all series! xD I'm a series kinda gal.

  4. There are some books on your list that I will def. be moving up on my to read list!

    1. Woo! I'm glad I influenced someone's TBR list ;D

  5. I loved your first two, but haven't read any of the others. A few of them are on my TBR though.


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