Monday, July 29, 2013

Tori's Book Haul | #1

I am so sorry that I haven't posted a review since last Tuesday! I've just been so busy lately, and I decided to make this post to make up for it. And so since I've somehow acquired 11--yes, eleven--books since last Wednesday, I will make a book haul. I feel as though it is my duty as a book blogger to post book hauls.

Yeah, I know book hauls mostly appear on YouTube, but I thought that I'd give it a whirl.

Here's a picture of all the books on my bookshelf. (Yes, I'm quite proud. And no, Eragon/Eldest in the background aren't apart of my grand total of books.)

Okay, I will admit that I have no idea how this blogger style book haul is supposed to go. I've never seen one before. So I'm winging it. I'm good at winging it. (Not really.)
So I'll just list off each book, give a short summary on what my understanding of the books' contents are, say where I got it, and how much I paid for it (as you can see, I'm really bored right now and have nothing better to do. I can't seem to force myself to finish Attachments at the moment). Feel free to correct me without spoilers, because I cover judge.
So apparently this book is about a gorgeous girl who meets other gorgeous girls and they party hardy and then the former gorgeous girl gets magical powers and is "better" than she was before. According to the genre listing on Goodreads, this is about mermaids. I would've never guessed that by the summary, just saying. And I got this book from Target for, like, $8.99USD, I think.
From what I understand, this book is about a kid who is "created" to be the ultimate weapon against an alien race that has overcome Earth. (Fun fact: this book is considered a classic, says Goodreads.) I got it from Barnes & Noble, and I paid $5.99USD.
I think this book is about a babysitter who finds the kid that she babysits dead by the river. I guess it's a murder mystery. Oh and there's a dark river and a forest that holds secrets too, I guess. I got it from this book warehouse while at the beach, and I got it for a 4 for $10USD deal. Yay. I love deals and sales.
Um I think this is about a girl who can see ghosts and then she meets this boy who can also see ghosts. I think. I got this book in the 4 for $10USD deal.
To be honest, I don't know much about this book. I read the exceprt on the back, and I gathered that it's post-apocalyptic and is about haywire machines. I think. Again, 4 for $10 deal.
Hahaha this was a total cover buy. Just click the link and look at the cover. It's so incredibly gorgeous. I think it's about some girl that's abused and then her mom dies and then she goes into the foster system and a lot happens, and I'm not really sure. It has semi-good reviews though, so I'm pretty excited to read it. This is the fourth book in my 4 for $10 deal that I took advantage of greatly. I want to go back to that store and get more books. Sadly, I was running out of money when I was there. :(
I have no idea what this book is about. A prison, I think. Sounds interesting. I got it from Thrift Books, and I only paid $3.99USD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love deals.
It's about kids that win this trip to the moon but they find weird stuff there that's dangerous, and--this is from the summary on the dustcover--no one is coming to save them. It sounds very Apollo 18-esque. Hopefully it's actually better than the movie Apollo 18 though. Otherwise I would have wasted $4.99USD. I got this from the book warehouse I was talking about.
Another cover buy (I have a lot of these), but in my defense I also read The Silver Linings Playbook by him and loved it, so. (I think I'm going to post a book-to-movie review on that movie. I have so much to say.) Anyway I think this book is about a girl who has a lot of hope. She has a crappy life, I think. I'm not sure. I paid $4.99USD for it at that book warehouse place.
I think this was turned into a series on ABC Family. I dunno. Anyway I think this book is about some chick who loves ballet but then she falls in love with a bad boy. I think. I paid $3.49USD, and I got it from Thrift Books.
It's about a girl who has a summer vacation and her life changes forever. Something like that. I got it from Thrift Books, and I paid $4.07USD for it.
Okay, if I added all these prices together I would get $46.51, and that's not including state tax. Now that I add all these numbers together, I feel like I paid a lot of money for these books. But hey, I got 11 books for $47. That's a pretty damn good deal if I do say so myself.
This isn't including the other books that I received in the mail earlier. These are just the books that I've gotten since last Wednesday. I have an addiction to ordering books off Thrift Books, so a lot of my books came to my house before last Wednesday, so I didn't count those books. I think in the past month, I've gotten at least 20 new books. I have a problem.
Oh yeah and that's not including the books that I bought on my Nook. I seriously don't know how I've had so much money. I'm always so broke. At least I know why now. I buy too many books.
On the bright side, I have plenty of books to read before school starts in September. Hopefully I can finish them all!
Thanks for reading this. I know that it was boring, but, hey, I was bored. If you read through this entire post, then you're just as bored as I am or you actually were genuinely interested in what I got.
Stay fab, haha. (;
Disclaimer: I bought all these books with my own money, and I'm not in any way, shape, or form promoting these particular books or any of the bookstores or websites I've mentioned in this post. All the opinions are my own as well.

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