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Weekly Summary - Nov. 16, 2013

November 10, 2013 - November 16, 2013
This is a new segment in which Tori recounts the past week on her and Lindsay's blog. Tori tries to write about both girls equally, therefore she types in third person. If it sounds awkward, she's sorry.
So the Divergent movie poster was released this week (Tori thinks; she's not sure). But even if it wasn't this week, she still saw it this week, so it counts. Also, she saw the character posters for Tris, Four, Christina, Max, Peter, Eric (JAI COURTNERY, HELLO), and Tori. They're so cool, in her opinion. She's so excited for this movie to come out next year! Let's not forget the trailer.
So yes. Tori's very excited for this movie to come out. So many movies coming out in 2014. So hard to keep track!
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 Tori's Reads
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Tori's Currently Reading
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Lindsay's Currently Reading
This section really doesn't have much to do about book, but that's okay! This will just be our favorites like makeup, books (oh look, books), music, apps, etc. Tori might even posts some pictures of her collection of phone cases if she particularly likes one for the week.
  • You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban (Tori)
  • Afraid by The Neighbourhood (Tori)
  • A Town Like This by Cady Groves (Tori)
  • 23 by a bunch of people Tori can't remember (Tori)
  • That's My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan (Tori. As you can see, she's sort of in a country phase)
  • Name Dice. Because honestly, Tori always needs names for her story characters, but can never think of good enough names. This app rolls name dice which really helps her with new characters and their names.
  • Overdrive. If you have a library card and a phone and/or tablet, then you should get this app. You can basically just borrow ebooks from your library (if your library is supported. Some apparently aren't, yet). It's convenient.
  • Goodreads. Tori's had this app for a while, but when she got the newest update for her iPhone, she loved it. It's optimized for iOS 7, and the new look and feel of the app is great. (I love it, Tori says.)
I plan on reading three books next week. They're library books from Overdrive, so I really need to get these read before they expire.

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Other than books, there's also NaNoWriMo. God, NaNoWriMo is hard, and it makes me sort of want to cry. 50,000 words in one month seems impossible, but I did it last November, and I did it in April this year, so I can do it again. In April, I was ahead by like 10,000-20,000 words by April 16th, but today I haven't even reached my word count goal of 26,666 words yet, oops. It's just so hard. You guys should go and be my buddy on NaNoWriMo if you're participating as well. You can find me here! Or you can read my NaNoWriMo story on Wattpad here. It's a rough draft, so no making fun of me, haha.
And other than to be read books and NaNoWriMo, look out for some new reviews! My reviews for Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Allegiant should be up this coming week as well as a Waiting on Wednesday. Maybe even an Has This Ever Happened to You? because for some reason the last five chapters in my copy of Unwind are missing. How does that even happen? So I guess I haven't actually finished Unwind yet even though I've reviewed it. I got spoiled on the ending, and my thoughts are still the same, so I won't be changing my review, but I'm pissed because I'm missing the last five chapters. You can't just not have the ending. So I'm going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to see if they'll give me a new copy. I don't have my receipt, so I doubt it, but one can hope. It's still in perfect condition. I'm OCD about my books. This is the only time that has ever come in handy.
Oh, yes, and Lindsay was busy, so she couldn't contribute to this. 

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