Friday, September 27, 2013

Tori's Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag!

So if you didn't know what this is, I'm doing the Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag! It's from YouTube, and I wasn't tagged, but this is one of the best tags I've ever seen. Be prepared to watch me die.

Round One--Zachary from Free Falling, Kishan from Tiger's Curse, and Dimitri from Vampire Academy. Wow, at first, I freaked out, and I thought that this was going to be really difficult, but's easy.

Marry: Zach, because he does parkour, and he's awesome
Kiss: Dimitri, because, hey, he's a badass dude
Cliff: Kishan, because I haven't read Tiger's Quest yes, and I don't have any attachment to him

Round Two--Akiva from Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars, and Jem from The Infernal Devices. Sorry, but this is easy too.

Marry: Akiva, because his backstory is so sad, and I just love him and he's a gorgeous angel (literally)
Kiss: Augustus Waters, because, well, if you've read TFiOS, you'd know why I wouldn't marry him
Cliff: Jem, because I just don't like him (sorry, ladies)

Round Three--Rhys from This is Not a Test, Ren from Tiger's Curse, and Gale from The Hunger Games. Uhm, this is only hard because I'm not head over heels in love with any of these characters.

Marry: Rhys, because I remember him being so amazingly hot
Kiss: Ren, because he's Ren
Cliff: Gale, because I don't care about him

Round Four--Jasper Dent from I Hunt Killers, Zombie from The 5th Wave, and Four from Divergent. Wow. Why can't I get any hard rounds? I swear, all of these are so easy. And if anything, I can't choose who to kill.

Marry: Four, because he's amazing
Kiss: Jasper, because I wouldn't want to marry the son of a serial killer, sorry. Wouldn't wanna piss off the dad
Cliff: Zombie, because wow I've never met such a conceited character that doesn't know what the hell he's doing

Round Five--Solo from Eve and Adam, Jakal from The Eternity Cure, and Ren Laroche from Nightshade. You know, I thought these tags were supposed to be hard?

Marry: Ren Laroche. I don't care what happened in Bloodrose. Ren is going to marry me forever.
Kiss: Jakal. I don't know how old he is, but he's hilarious. And he sounds hot, I guess.
Cliff: Solo. I hated you the second I met you, kid.

Round Six--Kai from Cinder, Daniel from Fallen, and Will Herondale from Clockwork Angel. 

Marry: Will. I love you, baby.
Kiss: Kai. You're cool, bro.
Cliff: Daniel. You're too clingy. Way too clingy. And you're a Drama Llama.

Round Seven--Carter from The Farm, Peeta from The Hunger Games, and Cam from Fallen. This is a joke. Really.

Marry: Carter, because he's badass, and he can protect me from the vamps.
Kiss: Cam because I love bad boys.
Cliff: Peeta, because you're way too dependent on Katniss.

Round Eight--Nine from Rise of Nine, Luke from Percy Jackson & The Olympians, and Caleb from Eve. Really, oh my god, why can't this be hard.

Marry: Nine, because wow, he's fit.
Kiss: Caleb because he's rad.
Cliff: Luke, because he's mental.

Round Nine--Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Warner from Unravel Me, and Ty from Stolen. I wish these tags actually happened, haha.

Marry: Warner, because I love you, bby. I don't care that you're psycho.
Kiss: Percy, because, wow you look like Logan Lerman in the movie, haha.

Round Ten--Evan from The 5th Wave, Wolf from Scarlet, and Shay from Nightshade. Really now. This one is actually sort of hard. I don't know who to kill.

Marry: Wolf, because I love him so much. I love hot street fighters, especially when they're not real.
Kiss: Evan, I guess... He's sort of cute.
Cliff: Shay because you're an ugly asshole (sorry Shay lovers BUT CALLA WAS MEANT FOR REN)

Round Eleven--Adam Kent from Shatter Me, Christian from Vampire Academy, and Park from Eleanor & Park. 

Marry: Christian, because omg, you're so hot I love you
Kiss: Park, because he's so adorable
Cliff: Adam, because Juliette deserves to be with Warner, not your sorry ass

Round Twelve--Jace Wayland from The Mortal Instruments, Noah Shaw from The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, and Zeke from The Immortal Rules. 

Marry: Zeke, because I love him so much so so so so so so much. I sobbed (internally) when I read The Eternity Cure
Kiss: Noah because he's hotttttt
Cliff: Jace, because he copied Will, my other hubby

Round Thirteen--Four from I Am Number Four, Camden from Through to You, and Lincoln from Attachments. Dude I want to kill them all.

Marry: Camden, because you're the least annoying
Kiss: Four. Dude you only talk about Sarah. Plus your ass is hitched to hers
Cliff: Lincoln. You're a stalker.

Round Fourteen--Jared Lowe and Ian O'Shea from The Host, and Logan from How My Summer Went Up in Flames. Too easy.

Marry: Jared Lowe, because I love you so much
Kiss: Logan
Cliff: Ian, because you tried to take Melanie's body from Jared, no fair

Okay, this would've been a lot harder if I got Will Herondale, Warner, and Zeke. I would've been like WHAT DO I DO. But this was way too easy. Hope you didn't get too bored.

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