Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top Ten New-to-Me Authors Tori Read in 2013 (10)

This year is actually when I started reading a lot, so I was introduced to a lot of new authors. I'll try to narrow down the list, but it might be a little difficult since I loved so many books! This won't be in any particular order. I'm too lazy to order it.

Julie Kagawa
With her Immortal Rules series, I managed to fall in love with not only her writing but her characters as well. I have to admit that I didn't enjoy The Iron King as much as The Eternity Cure, but I still love her writing style. And The Eternity Cure was just too flawless to ignore. (This counts because I read The Immortal Rules back in April. I just liked its sequel more.)
Matthew Quick
Okay, despite the fact that this was an adult book, I loved The Silver Linings Playbook. (The movie as well. Jennifer Lawrence forever.) Pat was just so quirky and his character was unique and I loved that. Quick's writing was something special as well, and that's why I bought Sorta Like a Rock Star.
Lucy Christopher
Stolen was so good. Lucy's writing was just magical and entrancing. I can't wait to read her other books! I haven't gotten The Killing Woods (is it even released yet?) but I for sure will be getting it soon!
Leigh Bardugo
Bardugo's writing in Shadow and Bone is just so simple and to the point. It's not elaborate, in a good way, and yet it's descriptive enough so you know what's going on and you're not confused. Despite the fact that Alina makes me angry inside, I feel for her. Bardugo's amazing at creating characters that I honestly care about.
Rainbow Rowell
Fangirl was not my first Rainbow Rowell book (oops, I've read all of hers this year??), but it was my favorite. Her writing is flawless, and it's really freaking good. It's definitely contemporary, but I love it all the same. It's very simple, sort of like Leigh Bardugo's but in a different sense somehow. Rowell's really great at creating memorable characters that, like Bardugo, readers end up caring about a lot.
Neal Shusterman
This dude's storytelling skills are amazing. Like, really good. He's descriptive, and he can create such reeling scenes that just make you want to read moremoremore. He's great at plotting and creeping readers out, that's for sure.
Susan Ee
Honestly, I don't know what to say about Susan Ee's writing except that it's probably my all time favorite of 2013. It's just that her writing is so easy to read. It's the perfect mixture of heavy, action, and humorous. I don't know. Ee's characters are hilarious and yet badass and yet meaningful and gosh they're just so real.
Brandon Sanderson
I didn't expect to like this guy's writing so much, especially since he generally writes adult books (I haven't read many adult books. I need to work on that). But after a few pages into the book, I really got into it and Steelheart was such an action-packed adventure, and it was great. The characters were solid, the twists were pretty good, and the protagonist David didn't make me want to hurl. In all, it was great.
John Green
Oh god. I said Susan Ee's writing was my favorite, but I lied... John Green forever. Seriously. This guy. This guy. He's so--ahem, I mean his writing is so perfect. Yeah. I've read all of his books except for An Abundance of Katherines and his short in Let it Snow, and they were all just perfect, and I love him, and he's just so amazing, and yeah. John Green. That is all.
Lauren Oliver
Okay, I will admit: I tried to read Delirium. It did not go well. Then again, it was more of a read two pages and then quit altogether for another time. But I borrowed Before I Fall from a girl at my school, and she basically shoved it in my hands and forced me to read it, but I'm so glad that I did. Oliver's writing was really good, it flowed, and her storytelling capabilities kept me entranced the entire time. The experience was great! I will definitely be reading her new book Panic when it hits the shelves next year!
So there it is, guys! My top ten new-to-me authors from 2013! Although, I have to admit that I didn't read that many books this year (I didn't get really into reading until we did our testing at school, and I had so much freetime during school to real). Thanks for checking this out! Which books did you like most this year written by new-to-you authors? Tell me in the comments!

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